CORE A/A* ranked venues marked in bold.


Gowri R Chandran, Raine Nieminen, Thomas Schneider, and Ajith Suresh. PrivMail: A privacy-preserving framework for secure emails. In 28. European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS'23), LNCS, Springer, The Hague, The Netherlands, September 25-29, 2023. To appear. Full version: Code: CORE rank A. [ web ]

Raine Nieminen and Thomas Schneider. Breaking and fixing garbled circuits when a gate has duplicate input wires. Journal of Cryptology (JoC), 36(4), August 3, 2023. Part of Topical Collection on Computing on Encrypted Data. Online: CORE rank A*. [ DOI | pdf | web ]

Gowri R Chandran, Raine Nieminen, Thomas Schneider, and Ajith Suresh. PrivMail: a privacy-preserving framework for secure emails (Short Talk). 44. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P'23) Short Talk, San Francisco, CA, USA, May 22-25, 2023. CORE rank A*. [ web ]


Christopher van der Beets, Raine Nieminen, and Thomas Schneider. FAPRIL: Towards faster privacy-preserving fingerprint-based localization. In 19. International Conference on Security and Cryptography (SECRYPT'22), pages 108–120, SciTePress, Lisbon, Portugal, July 11-13, 2022. Full version: Code: Acceptance rate 18.6% for full papers. CORE rank B. [ DOI | pdf | web ]


Raine Nieminen and Kimmo Järvinen. Practical privacy-preserving indoor localization based on secure two-party computation. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2020. CORE rank A*. [ DOI ]


Raine Nieminen. Privacy-preserving indoor localization with Paillier encryption and garbled circuits. Master's thesis, Aalto University, Finland, October 8, 2018. [ pub ]


Raine Nieminen. Supersingular elliptic curve isogeny cryptography. Bachelor's thesis, Aalto University, Finland, October 1, 2016. [ pub ]